SSLC Rank File

Learning and evaluation must go hand in hand to understand and enhance progress in learning.  It will help to recognize how much progress has been made in conceptualisation, to what extent one has been able to acquire various skills and also to identify the fields one has special aptitude for.  Continuous evaluation carried out along with learning activities play a very important role in this. The term evaluation helps in testing and ascertaining the learning outcomes at the end of each stage.  This book offers guidance in this direction.


Lessons in each unit of class 10 have learning activities based on knowledge construction incorporated in them in the form of questions.  Evaluation indicators and scores are also provided there in, to assess the skills acquired at each stage by the learner. In addition to all these, it is hoped that teachers would endeavour to present more classroom activities to instill self confidence in the learners.  Let this book show the path for effective learning.

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